Financial Integrity Statement

Trumpet Call Ministries International has been committed from our founding in 2001 to fulfill our responsibility to be accountable to God for the resources He has provided and entrusted to us in doing His work; to honor those who support TCMI and The Meeting Place Church; and to comply with all governmental requirements, including those attendant to our status as an Approved Charitable Organization under Section 13(1)(q) of the Income Tax Act.

TCMI and The Meeting Place Church have implemented the following measures to help ensure that our responsibilities are fulfilled to God, to you, and to the government of Jamaica.

  • Organizational Structure – The Meeting Place is the first of all churches established under the banner of Trumpet Call Ministries International. Since the founding of TCMI in 2000, God has raised up many ministries for us to conduct. Each ministry is conducted within one organizational structure, under the banner of TCMI.
    Integrity – Each member of TCMI’s Board of Directors complies with a conflict of interest policy, requiring each board member to recuse him or herself from any deliberations and voting on any matter that directly relates to him or her, and to always act in the best interest of the organization.
  • Annual Audits – Since 2002, TCMI has been audited annually by a trusted outside accounting firm, currently D & A Consultants and Accounting Services Limited, receiving a “clean” opinion each year.
    Outside Advisors – TCMI and The Meeting Place do not rely solely on our own resources, but, when needed, we retain the services of knowledgeable legal and compliance advisors to provide insight, guidance, and training.
  • Reasonable Compensation – Compensation guidelines for all staff members, including Pastor Mary, prevent any employee from benefiting from ministry resources beyond what they specifically earn. The compensation (including any appropriate emoluments) for Pastor Mary and key employees is established and reviewed with the oversight of the Board of Directors. Consideration is given to each individual’s contribution to the achievement of the ministry’s objectives when setting each person’s compensation. This method is consistent with “best practices” for charitable organizations, and prevents Pastor Mary and key employees from setting their own or each other’s compensation.
  • Internal Financial Controls – In accordance with “best practices”, as recommended by our accounting firm and consultants, TCMI has implemented internal controls related to deposits of cash and checks, purchasing, physcial, security, etc. to protect organizational assets.

TCMI and The Meeting Place Church are committed to operating at the highest level of financial integrity with the primary purpose of bringing salvation to souls for the Kingdom and reaching out to those in need locally and around the world.